Our Philosophy

The success of our customers (and their end consumers) is deeply rooted in our ability to respond to their needs quickly and accurately. We follow a guiding philosophy to make sure we stay the course. This philosophy reminds us of the key ingredients in delivering a truly exceptional customer experience.

First impressions do matter. When a retailer or consumer look at our product it needs to sell itself – and it does.
Design Superiority
Design is vital to the success of our production process. You need superior design to ignite the rest of the process. Dynamic Design Enterprises – SWC, Inc (DDE-SWC) is so passionate about design that our principals are intimately involved in the creation of every single garment.
We are a reliable resource for our customers. We consistently deliver what we say, when we say, and how we say. There are no surprises when you work with us and our agility gives us the ability to completely pivot when you say you need something different.
Closeness to Customer
Closeness to customer
Having clarity of expectations is key to a successful relationship. DDE-SWC develops and maintains deep bonds with our customers because the more we know you, the more we’ll be able to exceed your expectations.
Closeness to Suppliers
Closeness to suppliers
We maintain close and strong relationships with our fabric suppliers and manufacturing facilities. This relationship is vital to our success because we need our suppliers to be fully aware of our needs, so we can deliver exceptional products to you.
The easiest company to do business with
DDE-SWC is committed to going above and beyond the status quo to accommodate customer requests and requirements. We’re responsive and always have a direct line of communication to you.

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