What We Do

Since 1994, we have been honored to build a company that caters to the golf and tennis industries, and those that make the industry thrive – the players. We have a distinct advantage of knowing your consumers. As tennis and golf enthusiasts ourselves, we understand what it means to be in the moment of the game. A shirt that restricts your swing, or a pair of shorts that hinder your stride can be a distraction. That’s why our 360-degree design to delivery approach leads to superior products that deliver value to our customers, and exceptionally designed and functional performance sportswear to consumers.

Dynamic Design Enterprises – SWC, Inc (DDE-SWC) produces private label and branded performance sportswear for the industry’s leading department stores, sporting goods, resorts, and specialty retailers.

First Impressions Matter

First impressions are important. When a retailer or consumer looks at our product, it needs to sell itself. We created an extensive portfolio to showcase the breadth and depth of our capabilities and our products. If you’d like to see our performance sportswear in person, contact us to schedule a meeting.

Meet Our Management Team

DDE-SWC’s senior management team has more than 60 years’ combined experience in successfully navigating the golf and tennis apparel industries. The management team has been active in all facets of the business since day one. Learn more about Hilton Gluck and Monty James.