Code of Conduct

Dynamic Design Enterprises – SWC Inc (DDE-SWC) has a long and proud tradition of conducting business in a responsible and professional manner – from the manufacturing of our performance sportswear garments to the sale of our merchandise. Our code of conduct is deeply rooted in having respect and concern for every customer and every employee.

    We partner with those who embrace our philosophy to respect each person and treat everyone in an ethical manner.

    Child Labor
    Use of child labor is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated in any of our facilities, whether contracted or subcontracted, or in any other relationships with respect to the manufacturing of our sportswear.

    Wages and Benefits
    Wages and benefits must comply with applicable local and national laws.

    Prison, Forced, or Compulsory Labor
    The use of prison, forced, or compulsory labor is strictly prohibited.

    Health and Safety
    We provide a working environment that is safe. This commitment includes having adequate fire exits and well-lit working conditions. If we provide residential facilities for our employees, they must be safe and sanitary.

    We do not tolerate mental or physical abuse, coercion, or sexual harassment within our facilities, or in our partnerships to manufacture apparel.

    We observe all laws of the applicable country, including the laws that relate to employment, discrimination, safety, and health. If local or industry practices exceed the local legal requirements, we follow the higher standard.

Work with Us

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